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There's a reason we're the fastest growing platform in North America.

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Join the hundreds of real estate professionals who use Stay. Here's what they have to say.


They are the experts, and their online application, integrations, and dashboards are fantastic.

- Jo W. Toronto ON

Exceptional back-end system that allows you to stay in constant communication with all your leads. Stuart was great help in assisting with how to best utilize the technology. Great work, Thanks Stay.

- Brad S. Toronto ON

Incredible concept and platform to help connect to potential clients. Would highly recommend!!

- Victoria S. Montreal QC

So far I have 487 clicks on my ads, I have 76 leads, I've spent only $317 on adspend - which comes out to about $4 a lead! $4.. not $40, not $400 - $4.

- James A. Wilmington NC

We've already received 3 new clients and our new website has only been up for a month! NuAge Interactive updated our site, making it modern, clean and fresh! It was an easy experience, even with the entire country between us! TWO thumbs up!

- Mish A. Calgary AB

I got more then I expected ! 120 % organic traffic more from the very beginning I felt results from our 1st 9 weeks of work a huuuuge difference. Greater Work.

- Tina B. Vancouver BC

I love the system, I'm creating my own campaigns and getting feedback - the instructional videos are fantastic.

- Kane W. Windsor ON

Stay is an excellent company for professionals who want to scale their business and obtain more leads and generate more cashflow.

The customer experience has been great, prompt responses. You will be given a dedicated success team that has a valued interest in your success so you can have a long term partnership with Stay! great experience

- Avi K. Calgary AB

I really love you guys' product and I know you're in there working hard.

- Zack W. Vancouver BC

I would say that roughly 50% or 60% of leads that I have been getting through Stay are more qualified [than competeters].

- Ari S. Calgary AB

I've been using Stay for about a year now for leads, I am very happy with their products, they're very easy to use.

- Carol W. Barrie ON

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Bryant R. from Toronto, ON.

Booked an area in Toronto.

3 Hours ago

Emmer K. from Toronto, ON.

Just closed a deal for $800,000.


James M. from Ottawa, ON.

Booked an area in Ottawa.


Ollie G. from Montreal, QC.

Booked an area in Montreal.

4 Days ago

Isabel P. from Calgary, AB.

Just closed a deal for $537,000.

7 Hours ago

Benny S. from Austin, TX

Received a seller lead.

5 Minutes ago

742 People viewed this site in last 24 hours

Richard G. from San Francisco, CA

Received a buyer lead.

16 Hours ago

Kendra D. from Boston, MA

Just closed a deal for $674,000.

4 Hours ago

Vina N. from Montreal, QC

Booked an area in Montreal.

12 Minutes ago

"Nuage does a good job of..."

Facebook Review

3 Days ago by June M.

211 REALTORS claimed areas in the last 7 days.

Edward T. from New York City, NY

Received a seller lead.

49 Minutes ago

Vincent A. from Toronto, ON.

Booked an area in Toronto.

4 Days ago

Alexandera C. from Toronto, ON.

Just closed a deal for $450,000.


Sharlene D. from Hamilton, ON.

Booked an area in Hamilton.

6 Days ago

Vivian D. from Los Angeles, CA

Just closed a deal for $724,000.

3 Days ago

Lin H. from Vancouver, BC

Just closed a deal for $749,000.

2 Days ago