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Get more rentals in Ashburn.

In 2018, we helped property managers generate over 500,000 rental leads.

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Stay works with the top real estate companies in North America.


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Market like a pro, with North America's most powerful lead-gen tool kit.

  • # Fully optimized funnels.

    State of the art lead-gen funnels.

  • # Fast as @#&!

    Start getting leads right away.

  • # Insane conversion.

    22% on a slow day. Seriously.

  • # Absolutely Relentless

    Working for you 24/7 non-stop.


It's your fully customizable, turn-key marketing platform.

  • # Auto Email Nurturing

    Pre-built email cascades.

  • # Voicemail Drops

    Professionally recorded & ready.

  • # Virtual Assistant

    Interacts with leads & keeps them warm.

  • # Auto SMS Nurturing

    Tested & ready to go.

  • # Email & SMS Blasting

    Easily reach bulk audiences.

  • # Completely Customizable

    Use our default content, or write your own.


Integrates with over 1000 applications.












Two ways to play.

Stay makes it easy to be your own marketing expert. We offer exclusive professional ad management for the top performers, teams, and brokerages who don't have the time. We accept 1 account per area.

All the Real Estate Tools in One Solution

  • #Access all of the same tools we use.
  • #In-depth videos & support to help you launch your first campaigns and start getting your own leads.
  • #Private 1-on-1 onboarding session to help you hit the ground running.
  • #14-Days risk free, so you can make sure Stay is right for you.
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Teams & Brokerages

  • #All the features included in other plans
  • #Platform customization & reporting
  • #Automatic lead-sharing, distribution, and team management.
  • #Tons of extra features and automation

There's a reason we're the fastest growing platform in North America.

# 4.8

Join the hundreds of real estate professionals who use Stay. Here's what they have to say.


So far I have 487 clicks on my ads, I have 76 leads, I've spent only $317 on adspend - which comes out to about $4 a lead! $4.. not $40, not $400 - $4.

- James A. Wilmington NC

In the first 12 months, I spent about $7,000 on advertising through this platform, and I generated in excess of $125,000 in commissions.

- Mark L. Barrie ON

Stay is an excellent company for professionals who want to scale their business and obtain more leads and generate more cashflow.

The customer experience has been great, prompt responses. You will be given a dedicated success team that has a valued interest in your success so you can have a long term partnership with Stay! great experience

- Avi K. Calgary AB

Exceptional back-end system that allows you to stay in constant communication with all your leads. Customer success was great help in assisting with how to best utilize the technology. Great work, Thanks Stay.

- Brad S. Toronto ON

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Edward T. from New York City, NY

Received a seller lead.

49 Minutes ago

James M. from Ottawa, ON.

Booked an area in Ottawa.


Ollie G. from Montreal, QC.

Booked an area in Montreal.

4 Days ago

Lin H. from Vancouver, BC

Just closed a deal for $749,000.

2 Days ago

Kendra D. from Boston, MA

Just closed a deal for $674,000.

4 Hours ago

Sharlene D. from Hamilton, ON.

Booked an area in Hamilton.

6 Days ago

"Nuage does a good job of..."

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3 Days ago by June M.

Isabel P. from Calgary, AB.

Just closed a deal for $537,000.

7 Hours ago

211 REALTORS claimed areas in the last 7 days.

Alexandera C. from Toronto, ON.

Just closed a deal for $450,000.


Vivian D. from Los Angeles, CA

Just closed a deal for $724,000.

3 Days ago

Vina N. from Montreal, QC

Booked an area in Montreal.

12 Minutes ago

Benny S. from Austin, TX

Received a seller lead.

5 Minutes ago

Bryant R. from Toronto, ON.

Booked an area in Toronto.

3 Hours ago

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Emmer K. from Toronto, ON.

Just closed a deal for $800,000.


Vincent A. from Toronto, ON.

Booked an area in Toronto.

4 Days ago

Richard G. from San Francisco, CA

Received a buyer lead.

16 Hours ago